A Photographer for Your Contact File

Richard Howard Photography

People often ask us about the photography in our work. While we’ve worked with many photographers over the years, we can say hands-down that our favorite photographer is Richard Howard.

What makes Richard so wonderful to work with is that in addition to his over-the-top creativity and technical expertise, he has a unique knack for connecting with his subjects. Whether that person is a distinguished Noble-prize winning professor, a curious pre-schooler, or a troubled teen just finding his equilibrium, Richard knows how to collaborate with his subjects as well as his art directors, how to reach out, how to bring out his subject’s personality and how to do all this in a gentle, efficient and respectful way.

Taking photos with Richard is incredibly fun. He is always willing to be daring with us—to fly low over a campus in a helicopter for a few aerials, or set up a sort of photo-booth where people can take their own pictures. He’s shot from diving platforms, the middle of a classroom table, the shores of an icy lake in a bitter wind after an especially turbulent flight, and knee-deep in a buggy North Carolina estuary in 100-degree weather.

If we can imagine it, Richard will work like crazy to realize it. And he’ll push us to make every idea a little more interesting. He is the partner we turn to when we want the best for our clients.

If you need photography, give him a call. Seriously. He’s awesome.

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