A Thousand Pictures

Go to Flickr. Search the name of your institution. Now go to Google Images, and search again. One more—YouTube. What impression are you left with? Is that the impression you want people to have?

We haven’t even talked about Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and dozens of other collections of images, comments and impressions.

You can’t control the voice of the market or what they say about you, but you certainly can be part of the conversation. It’s also important to know what people are saying about you.

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If you’re looking for a particularly strong example of being part of the conversation, search “Deval Patrick” on Flickr. You’ll find a spectacular collection of photos that give the viewer a sense of what the Governor of Massachusetts does every day and what kind of governor he is. This extraordinary collection creates a powerful impression, not only because they feel authentic and are of such high quality—they also dominate the context. They set the bar for the Patrick “brand.” They invite participation. They tell us who Patrick is and what he cares about. And they feel a lot more interesting and engaging than almost any other story about the Governor.

Pictures that tell a story, that make you want to know more, that make you feel as if you now know something that isn’t always easy to put into words, pictures that do all this and produce a feeling—that’s what you want your people to see.


PHOTO: Eric Haynes, Governor’s Office

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