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The Letters

Not long ago of our school clients shared with us a note from a 13-year-old prospective student from China. In his note, the prospect refers to some letters he received. These letters were part of a project we did that involved working very closely with our client’s students to create a set of authentic personal essays about their experience at this well-known boarding school.Continue Reading →

A What And A How Story

Not long ago, we had a client who had done a brand audit with another firm. The client thought it was good work, but for some reason, the ideas were never  implemented. None of their staff or creative vendors seemed eager to champion the messaging because it was hard to see how it would play out. The report, like most reports, didn’t come with specific instructions.Continue Reading →

Our New Website Is Live

Ta da! The noodle+scribble website.

Finally. A decent solution to the challenge of portfolios. Something that works on many types of screens. An opportunity to serve our clients better and be a resource for good ideas and inspiration.

We hope you like it.Continue Reading →