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Taglines & Themes

Recently a leaked email revealed 85 taglines that the Clinton campaign considered before settling on “Stronger Together.” This got us thinking about how some of our clients use and develop taglines.

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A Thousand Pictures

Go to Flickr. Search the name of your institution. Now go to Google Images, and search again. One more—YouTube. What impression are you left with? Is that the impression you want people to have?Continue Reading →

Scary Halloween Question: Is Your Social Media A Waste of Time?

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine caught our eye. The author Duane Forrester, a product manager at Bing, poses a very scary Halloween question. Is all that time and effort you put into social media marketing worth it?

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Gold Standards—And How To Get Them!

Brand Standards, also known as a Visual Identity System, help organizations present a clear and consistent identity for your school. Regularly used graphic icons, type treatments and messaging can convey and reinforce your identity, your strengths and your reputation.Continue Reading →

Twitter Troubles?

How’s Twitter working for you?

Twitter is awesome. But we rarely see organizations using Twitter effectively, and we often hear from our clients that they don’t really get what to do with Twitter. The reason for that, we think, is they haven’t completely decided what they want from Twitter and haven’t committed to doing anything specific.Continue Reading →

Introducing Free Noodling and Scribbling Deals

New!  Starting this fall,  N+S will offer a special deal every so often to readers. Subscribe to our deals, check out the offer, send us your problem, and we’ll do some noodling or creative scribbling. For free.

We’ll post each deal here on our blog. The availability of each deal is limited, so see details. Find all deals in the “Deals” category. If you miss a deal that interests you, let us know. We might bring it back. And if you have an idea for a deal, we’d like to know that as well.

We’ll be posting the first deal with all the details on Sept. 1. If you’re worried about missing out, subscribe to our newsletter to get a notice. Or you can follow us on Twitter @noodlescribble.