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How To Annoy Your Best Prospects and Drive Them Away

A college admissions officer recently asked us about a service that would allow them to send text messages to prospective students. Our first reaction—are you crazy?Continue Reading →

Creating A Friction-Free Marketing Infrastructure

Recently the head of a small agency (and an old friend) described what marketers actually do for Forbes magazine. “Great marketing,” he wrote, is “an entire ecosystem of communications and engagement with the market.” What great marketing means,” he says, “is putting the pieces together to create an infrastructure that’s perfectly meshed with a brand and its business objectives. They don’t favor one strategy or media over another but see the value of the whole constellation of tools.”Continue Reading →

Invested. Or Not.

Here’s a story. A small organization we work with is engaged in a capital campaign. Their goals are ambitious, and they’re just starting to learn the ropes of asking for major gifts. One of the lead development officers recently met with two comparable donors who had consistently given generously (and at similar rates) to their annual appeal. The organization knew well the capacity of the two donors and was aware that both could make large gifts.

After meeting with the development officer and the organization’s head, one donor made a six-figure lead gift to the campaign with the promise of more. The other was welcoming but only added a few hundred dollars more to her annual gift. Why?Continue Reading →

The Alignment Problem

Why does it bother us so much when a politician says one thing and does another? Or when a commercial suggests something is tastier or easier to use than it actually is? Why do we feel cheated a product, service or experience doesn’t live up to our expectations—even if it offers us something of similar quality? The friction between the message and the reality creates mistrust.Continue Reading →

Learning From Kindle

I recently caved and bought a new Kindle—a major improvement over earlier generation Kindle, for sure. It’s taken me about five years of trying to read books on the Kindle, and now I’m almost ready to say I’m comfortable with it.

One challenge for me was knowing where I was in a book. The Paperwhite offers some subtle but useful little design features that help you place yourself in the book, and I’m getting used those. I like the highlighting feature and the ability to annotate. And I’m learning to accept the size and weight of it in my hand. I’m almost comfortable.Continue Reading →