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How To Annoy Your Best Prospects and Drive Them Away

A college admissions officer recently asked us about a service that would allow them to send text messages to prospective students. Our first reaction—are you crazy?Continue Reading →

Funnel of Ones

We’ve been watching with interest the changes taking place at Drexel University. About 10 years ago, Drexel made a bold move, embracing an intense direct marketing strategy and the elimination of many hurdles to applying. The results? More than a 300 percent increase in applications.

The problem was that this flood of applications also came with the need for an 80 percent acceptance and a yield that dropped from 32 to 8 percent. Drexel has decided this is situation is unsustainable (more on that here).

But it got us thinking: What’s the ideal flow from inquiries to applications to yield? What ratios are most efficient—and achievable?Continue Reading →

In Search Of The Quick Fix

We’ve been working this summer with a small but growing day school which, at the end of the admission season, still had about 10 spots open in different grades. Could we find families with children not currently enrolled in private schools and convince them to apply? Families who could afford the tuition? For this September?

Quite the challenge.Continue Reading →

Creating A Friction-Free Marketing Infrastructure

Recently the head of a small agency (and an old friend) described what marketers actually do for Forbes magazine. “Great marketing,” he wrote, is “an entire ecosystem of communications and engagement with the market.” What great marketing means,” he says, “is putting the pieces together to create an infrastructure that’s perfectly meshed with a brand and its business objectives. They don’t favor one strategy or media over another but see the value of the whole constellation of tools.”Continue Reading →

What Should Admissions Marketing Communications Do?

Really, there are just a few possibilities.

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