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Two Kinds of Data

Marketing is an art and a science and gathering and interpreting the data is about the science. One kind of data gathering supports you in developing a detailed profile of your prospective family so you can refine your communications or brand. Another kind offers a picture of the specific behavior of your prospects when interacting with your website and social media.Continue Reading →

Funnel of Ones

We’ve been watching with interest the changes taking place at Drexel University. About 10 years ago, Drexel made a bold move, embracing an intense direct marketing strategy and the elimination of many hurdles to applying. The results? More than a 300 percent increase in applications.

The problem was that this flood of applications also came with the need for an 80 percent acceptance and a yield that dropped from 32 to 8 percent. Drexel has decided this is situation is unsustainable (more on that here).

But it got us thinking: What’s the ideal flow from inquiries to applications to yield? What ratios are most efficient—and achievable?Continue Reading →

Are You Talking To Me?

Why do schools and colleges produce student blogs when any prospective student can find a real student on Facebook, make a friend, send a message with questions or read their “wall?” Continue Reading →

Scary Halloween Question: Is Your Social Media A Waste of Time?

A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine caught our eye. The author Duane Forrester, a product manager at Bing, poses a very scary Halloween question. Is all that time and effort you put into social media marketing worth it?

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What Should Admissions Marketing Communications Do?

Really, there are just a few possibilities.

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Search Me

Somewhere on your website, there’s a search box which helps users find for the content they are most interested in—and your visitors are using it.

Here’s the question: Do you know what they are searching for? In our experience, many educational institutions and nonprofits are unaware that they have this data.Continue Reading →

The First Admissions Marketing Metric You Need To Understand

How do you know if the resources you invest in marketing and communications activities are producing adequate results?

No doubt, you collect, track and analyze important data on enrollment—inquiries, app, etc. But these numbers only tell you part of the story. They don’t give a full picture of how your communications activities are working.Continue Reading →