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Introducing Free Noodling and Scribbling Deals

New!  Starting this fall,  N+S will offer a special deal every so often to readers. Subscribe to our deals, check out the offer, send us your problem, and we’ll do some noodling or creative scribbling. For free.

We’ll post each deal here on our blog. The availability of each deal is limited, so see details. Find all deals in the “Deals” category. If you miss a deal that interests you, let us know. We might bring it back. And if you have an idea for a deal, we’d like to know that as well.

We’ll be posting the first deal with all the details on Sept. 1. If you’re worried about missing out, subscribe to our newsletter to get a notice. Or you can follow us on Twitter @noodlescribble.

Our New Website Is Live

Ta da! The noodle+scribble website.

Finally. A decent solution to the challenge of portfolios. Something that works on many types of screens. An opportunity to serve our clients better and be a resource for good ideas and inspiration.

We hope you like it.Continue Reading →