Gold Standards—And How To Get Them!

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Brand Standards, also known as a Visual Identity System, help organizations present a clear and consistent identity for your school. Regularly used graphic icons, type treatments and messaging can convey and reinforce your identity, your strengths and your reputation.

Brand messaging and graphic identity help both your internal and external audiences. Admissions marketing, development, even faculty recruitment can all benefit from successful, distinctive, and consistent use of brand messaging.

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To take full advantage of a visual identity system, you need to involve your entire community —academic departments, athletics, volunteers and administrative offices. With support, everyone who communicates can learn to use the standards document and consistently achieve a cohesive identity in all media—print, web, merchandise and even broadcast formats.

Your Brand Standards document is an asset that everyone should share—you can make it available (and searchable!)  online for ease of use. Clarifying and aligning your messaging, and creating a visual identity document or website to provide specific guidelines and standards will make it simpler to implement your school’s identity and values in all its communications.

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