Nice Icons!

The people who read your emails will appreciate them.

We’re always on the look-out for resources that make it easier for our clients to produce effective marketing and communications work. And sometimes what you need is a nice set of icons to make your landing pages or email efforts stand out.

Here’s a sampling from a sweet set of 200 incredibly useful icons. You can buy the whole set for just $19.

We love the hand-drawn look of these. And there’s enough thoughtfulness and variety here that we think they’d easily serve many graphic needs of most K-12 programs.

The studio responsible for these icons is Creative Stall, and they also offer a set of “flat” design icons with an educational theme. The full set of 200 flat icons is just $13.

Both icon sets come in a variety of formats and sizes to meet your needs. If you’re sending emails, icons like these can help you organize your content and increase the performance of your emails. On a landing page or website, they’re better than bullets.

Let us know if you use them. We’d love to hear how they work for you.

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