Noodlers & Scribblers

noodle +scribble is Mari Badger and Cha Hajian. Mari and Cha have worked together for more than 25 years producing dozens of award-winning marketing and communications materials for their clients—and, more importantly, contributing to record admissions years, the success of major fundraising campaigns and special events, and the launch of new initiatives and services while also enhancing the skills of client teams.

As a graphic designer, Cha has been assisting clients fine tune their creative vision for over 25 years. After spending time working for a small agency, Cha left to pursue an independent career and created branding, corporate identity, and collateral materials for clients in industries ranging from high tech, architecture, and schools to management consulting, healthcare, and nonprofits. In each of these sectors, Cha worked to find unique solutions to her clients’ needs in print and web campaigns, and has produced several award winning pieces for her clients. A graduate of Smith College, Cha credits her career start to refusing to learn to type until she purchased her first Mac 512. When she is not noodling or scribbling, she can be found in full fitness mode or in her garden. 

Mari is a writer who has been a marketing and communications consultant and a creative director for more than 25 years. She’s a media omnivore fluent in digital, video, mobile, digital analytics, and traditional marketing media, and has worked for ad agencies, marketing firms, and independently for dozens of nonprofits, colleges and universities, independent schools, and tech start ups. Mari also helps clients plan, integrate and assess their marketing programs to get the most from their marketing dollars. After graduating from Princeton, Mari was a playwright and ran a theater company. Now, when no one is looking, she birds.

Over the years, we have built an extensive network of superb supernumeraries—specialists who we engage to enhance our services. This network allows us to provide a wider array of high-quality services without the costs of overhead and creates additional value for our clients. Do you have a special skill? We’d love to work with you.