Gettysburg College Business Brochure

The myth: Liberal arts majors are destined to make lattés for life.

Fresh off the press, this new piece for Gettysburg College is a great example, we think, of how smart it is to really listen to your audience and address their concerns as well as their ambitions. And we’re excited that our friends at Gettysburg are getting great feedback already.

We all know private higher education is incredibly expensive. Many bright students and their families are thinking hard about costs, the purpose of education, repaying student loans and landing a decent job in a tough economy after graduation. It can be hard to major in, say, art history, if you don’t have a clear vision of how you can use your education to help you start a successful career. In our view, most colleges need to be talking about this in the admissions process.

This brochure, designed specifically for all those students eager to gain some business experience while pursuing a liberal arts education, helps prospects and their families understand how a Gettysburg education can prepare students for the future. It includes an overview of the many opportunities that Gettysburg offers to gain career experience and meaningful skills. It has real data relevant to today’s students. And it offers a few “selfies”—i.e. first-person stories about getting from “hopeful, college first-year” student to gainfully employed and successful graduate.





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