Gettysburg Global Education Brochure

“No matter what you study, no matter your major, a global perspective deepens the value of what you learn in college and expands the opportunities available to you professionally.”

Almost a third of students considering liberal arts colleges say they are interested in study abroad. As a result, many colleges are working hard to promote these programs in recruiting materials. The results often look, to us, anyway, like adventure travel brochures. And since so many colleges offer the same programs, there’s little, if any, differentiation.

For Gettysburg, we took a different approach. Research told us that their prospective students are practically and intellectually motivated when it comes to study abroad. They want an education that will put them on track to “do great work.” Instead of organizing a brochure around the interesting places one could go, we organized it around critical world issues that need leaders, thinkers and problem-solvers—not just off-campus, but also on-campus. This makes particular sense since Gettysburg has programming designed to integrate off-campus and on-campus learning in unique ways.

We also made it a small book instead of a brochure. Serious. Distinctive. High impact.

Not unlike like our client.

 See also: Do.Great.Work.





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