The Campaign for Radcliffe

"We studied at Harvard, but we envisioned at Radcliffe."

In creating this case statement for Radcliffe’s campaign, we chose a strategy of allowing some of Radcliffe’s best known supporters speak for the institution. What made it different, however, was that some of these testimonials were from individuals one doesn’t immediately associated with Radcliffe—men, for example.

We conducted extensive interviews with each person and created life-sized portraits for the book. We worked with each person individually to develop the essays included in the book. In every case, they spoke from the heart powerfully and eloquently about the unique mission of an institution that has undergone remarkable change. Radcliffe’s extraordinary history, its excellence, its evolving mission, its capacity for change, its unique place in the story of women’s education and the great affection it has from the brilliant women it counts as its own all shine through.






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