Kingsley Montessori School Brand Book

“Curiosity is the rocket fuel of learning.”

Do all schools actually need viewbooks? Maybe not.

Program details in innovative, fast-growing schools like Kingsley Montessori change quickly—so more important are the enduring core values that define this unique school. We also know that for small schools with tighter budgets, printing and mailing viewbooks every year can have a major budget impact and we wanted to be sensitive to costs.

Instead of a traditional viewbook, we built a “brand book” focused on the five major themes we thought defined the school. Short essays spelled out the details while, five unique carefully created portraits offered the personality, charm and energy that characterize Kingsley. Accompanying smaller brochures, which are easier to print and faster to update, as well as the school’s website, offer needed specifics about the programs.

Basing your communication’s piece on just five themes and bold portraits of students and former students is daring, for sure. But the result, we think, clearly conveys Kingsley’s extraordinary quality and values. The book is also flexible enough to use for purposes beyond admissions, including development and advancement. (See the whole book here.)





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