Taglines & Themes

Recently a leaked email revealed 85 taglines that the Clinton campaign considered before settling on “Stronger Together.” This got us thinking about how some of our clients use and develop taglines.

Do you even need a tagline?Continue Reading →

Learning From Kindle

I recently caved and bought a new Kindle—a major improvement over earlier generation Kindle, for sure. It’s taken me about five years of trying to read books on the Kindle, and now I’m almost ready to say I’m comfortable with it.

One challenge for me was knowing where I was in a book. The Paperwhite offers some subtle but useful little design features that help you place yourself in the book, and I’m getting used those. I like the highlighting feature and the ability to annotate. And I’m learning to accept the size and weight of it in my hand. I’m almost comfortable.Continue Reading →

The First Admissions Marketing Metric You Need To Understand

How do you know if the resources you invest in marketing and communications activities are producing adequate results?

No doubt, you collect, track and analyze important data on enrollment—inquiries, app, etc. But these numbers only tell you part of the story. They don’t give a full picture of how your communications activities are working.Continue Reading →